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Popular Sex Terms & Their Meanings

Popular Sex Terms & Their Meanings

Ever seen the gorgeous Cleopatra ladies on escort websites like Escortify and Escorts & Babes and scratched your head at the service abbreviations or terms used?

Well, we’re here to explain some of the most used sexual terms that you might see or hear whilst you’re at Cleopatra’s of Sydney.

This term stands for Girlfriend Experience. As one of the most important services offered at our venue, this is including everything you would experience in a general relationship. This means cuddling and touching, light kissing, affection, asking about your day, mutual protected oral, erotic massage, and sex in various positions.

This term stands for Porn Star Experience. This is for all you lovers of getting passionate, rough and a bit kinky during your sexual experience. Like adult films, this is a high energy and hard-core service that may include spanking, hair pulling, fetishes, role play and kinky sex positions etc.

A kink is an overall term used to describe various sexual activities that are of unconventional sexual taste or behaviour. It’s commonly used to describe anything that’s not “vanilla sex” and can include activities or use of items like BDSM, handcuffs, bondage, whips, orgies, and wax play during intercourse and/or foreplay.

In the sex industry, fetishes are usually a person’s obsession or extreme interest in objects, things or body parts that aren’t sexual in nature. These items or body parts are usually needed to achieve or assist in experiencing an orgasm. Some of the most common examples are foot fetishes, objectification, role play, dominant/submissive play, golden showers, and bondage.

The term ‘Greek’ is an old-fashioned euphemism for anal sex that dates all the way back to Ancient Greek times. Anal sex is the act of intercourse where the penis is inserted into the anus of a partner. Due to all the sensitive nerve ends and closeness of the G-spot and prostate, orgasms from doing anal sex can be very different to normal intercourse.

Read more here: https://www.kinkly.com/definition/1157/greek-sex

The term Spanish defines the act of a female using her breasts to masturbate a man’s penis, usually by placing it in between her breasts and moving them up and down. In other ways the man may thrust while pushing the breasts together until he ejaculates.

Golden Showers (GS)
The term Golden Showers or GS is used to describe the act of urinating on a partner for sexual pleasure. Whether it’s in a dominating/submissive dynamic or an act of humiliation play, people can find it very arousing and some even drink their partner’s urine.

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