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Mark Antony Suite – Style, Luxury & Class

Mark Antony Suite – Style, Luxury & Class

The Suite You Can’t Refuse at Sydney’s Finest Gentleman’s Club.

Themed from the famous room in the movie, the Mark Antony Suite has all of the luxurious feel you would expect from a world class gentleman’s club and then some!

Who hasn’t seen the theatrical classic film, Scarface? With so many lines and so many attitudes pulled from the movie and implanted into everyday society, whether you have seen it or not, you at least know something about it. For those of you that have seen Scarface and know almost every scene by heart, you would know of the famous room in the movie that Tony Montana was always in, counting his money, making big deals or planning someone’s untimely demise. If you are a fan of the movie and live, breathe and sleep Scarface, the Mark Antony Suite at Cleopatra’s Gentleman’s Club is for you.

The Mark Antony Suite – Style, Luxury and Class

Designed and built in 2012, the Mark Antony Suite has served many a man’s fantasy and has given everyone that has stayed in it, the feeling of being as on top of the world as Tony Montana, the infamous gangster, playboy and overall man’s man. There is even a hand painted original portrait depicting the famous Scarface character hanging on the wall to further set the theme.

Complete with a spa and period correct Egyptian décor, the Mark Antony Suite is as luxurious as it is impeccably tasteful. As you walk towards the Mark Antony room, the walls are covered with air brushed erotic paintings to help set the mood, along with a complimentary bottle of champagne which is served within the room. The Marc Antony suite also features a 72 jet Jacuzzi, deluxe king size bed, ensuite, open mini bar, in house movies, and don’t forget that complimentary bottle of champagne. What more could a guest in this room possibly want further to his lady of choice ?

Feel Like A MADE MAN!

One of the perks that comes with the Mark Antony Suite at Cleopatra’s Gentleman’s Club is, of course, the Cleopatra’s Ladies!
Choose from a wide range of beautiful, exotic escorts just waiting to cater to your every need and make you feel like a king. And why choose just one? Choose as many as you would like and make it an evening to remember.

The Mark Antony Suite goes for $450 for a single hour and is sure to please. In a completely different theme, yet still maintaining the air of luxury and grandiose behaviour, the Imperial Room is available and it is sure to be more than worthy of its namesake. Come on in to Cleopatra’s Gentleman’s Club and see why more clients from Western Sydney and other parts of Sydney, call it the best kept secret in adult entertainment.


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