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Cleopatra’s New and Returning Ladies.

Cleopatra’s New and Returning Ladies.


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KAYLA ( Joining us Wed 21.10 onwards )
Kayla is our show stopping Australian blonde, with sex appeal that lights up a room. Simply irresistible with luscious lips, crystal ocean blue eye and legs that will take you to heaven and back. This young glamour is a tattooed busty beach babe who is sure to capture and hold your attention. 
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KARLA ( Joining us Thu 15.10 onwards )
Karla is our seductive Colombian brunette with sex appeal that gets heads turning. Captivating and engaging, she is an alluring playmate with and erotic mind and touch, sure to arouse and please.
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PRIYA ( Joining us Sat 10.10 onwards )
Priya is our bubbly and playful Fijian-Indian / Australian playmate, with dark olive skin and hazel brown bedroom eyes. Affectionate, with an adorable nature, this lady loves to awaken behind closed bedroom doors and is sure to arouse and delight.
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STACEY ( Joining us Sat 10.10 onwards )
Stacey is our gorgeous Australian playmate with sex appeal that will drive you crazy. Alluring, with a natural DD bust, long black hair and hazel bedroom eyes, this dream girl is sure to capture your attention and provide a hot, seductive experience.
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BIANCA ( Joining us Sat 03.10 onwards )
Bianca is our gorgeous Venezuelan honey blonde with spicy sex appeal sure to arouse at first sight. Passionate and playful, this lady has model looks and when you add in a fun and friendly nature, you have a dream girl who is sure to delight.
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JORDAN ( Joining us Sat 03.10 onwards )
Jordan is our stunning, tall and leggy Australian blonde, with head turning features and a cheeky nature that is sure to arouse and delight. Bubbly, fun and very sexy, this lady is sure to capture your attention and give you an erotic experience that will satisfy your every desire.
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TIFFANY ( Joining us Tue 29.09 onwards )
Tiffany is our gorgeous Australian blonde with an arousing nature, and features sure to excite. She may appear shy at first sight, but this adorable playmate definitely awakens behind closed bedroom doors. making her an erotic treat sure to delight.
Click to see  Tiffany’s Profile and Services Page

ZOE ( Joining us Fri 25.09 onwards )
Zoe is our stunning blue eyed Blonde Colombian with sex appeal that will drive you insane. Upbeat, lively and with an erotic touch sure to arouse, this lady loves to pampler and please, and is sure to leave you lost for words.
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ALEJANDRA ( Joining us Thu 24.09 onwards )
Alejandra is our pretty Colombian beauty, with a petite body and adorable features and nature. Easy going and with a fun loving nature that will capture your attention at first glance, this lady loves to please and will leave you with an erotic experience you won’t easily forget.
Click to see  Alejandra’s Profile and Services Page

PAULINA ( Joining us Thu 24.09 onwards )
Paulina is our lively and fun loving Colombian playmate, with a bubbly nature, cheeky smile and unique look that will catch your attention. This South American sex kitten is adorable, upbeat and sure to win you over with her erotic ways.
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LUCY ( Joining us Wed 23.09 onwards )
Lucy is our gorgeous Colombian playmate, with stunning looks that will have you immediately in lust. Petite, busty, playful and cheeky, she is a lively and erotic minded lady who will have you lost for words and begging for more.
Click to see   Lucy’s Profile and Services Page


VICTORIA ( Is Back Mon 12.10 onwards )
Victoria is our seductive German blonde playmate, with a sensual nature that will instantly arouse you. An alluring lady with features that are hard to miss, she is an enticing temptation and sure to delight you with her erotic nature.
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