New and Returning Ladies at Cleopatra’s


HARPER ( Joining us Tuesday 02.05.17 )
Harper is an extremely sexy playmate. This stunning young dark haired lady is pure model material and absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. We dare any man to resist.
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ZOE ( Joining us Thursday 27.04.17 )
Zoe is a bubbly and passionate blonde. An insatiable lady with a high sex drive, she offers a very passionate and memorable experience. After one night with her, you will find yourself coming back for more.
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KENDALL ( Joining us Saturday 22.04.17 )
Kendall is a sensual buxom brunette. A friendly and cheeky natured lady, who is instantly alluring and spontaneous, making her great fun to be around.
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MILLA ( Joined us Friday 21.04.17  )
Milla is a desirable blue / green eyed blonde. Buxom with sexy curves in all the right places, this lady is enticing with her flirty and fun nature.
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CATE ( Joined us Friday 21.04.17  )
Cate is a bubbly and very cute brunette. A wild child with a body and features you will instantly desire, this playful lady knows how to tease and please.
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LEXIE ( Joined us Thursday 20.04.17  )
Lexie is an adorable brunette. A cute young lady who always aims to please, she’s the sweet girl next type who can also be your wild child, depending on your desires.
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IVY ( Joined us Thursday 20.04.17  )
Ivy is a sultry African beauty who radiates instant sex appeal. Leggy with a lustworthy figure, this divine lady is openly a freak in the sheets and will have you back for more.
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  Ivy’s Profile and Services Page

DEMI ( Joined us Thursday 20.04.17  )
Demi is a fun and flirty gem. Tempting with long black hair and warm brown bedroom eyes and natural sweetness, making her alluring from the moment you meet.
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  Demi’s Profile and Services Page

DIAMOND ( Joined us Wednesday 19.04.17  )
Diamond is our seductive and mysterious African jewel. This lady sparkles with sexual magnetism and has a smile to melt your heart. Hiding an erotic side waiting to be discovered, let this lady entice you.
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  Diamond’s Profile and Services Page

CANDY ( Joined us Thursday 13.04.17  )
Candy is a mediterranean sex kitten. A leggy and slim lady with striking features and long braided hair, she has lots of energy and never fails to please.
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MERCEDES ( Joined us Thursday 13.04.17  )
Mercedes is a bubbly wild child. A slim and athletic olive skinned temptress who has a mysterious but cheeky nature and tempting body that is hard to resist.
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ELECTRA ( Joined us Wednesday 12.04.17  )
Electra is our cheeky and sassy brunette. Sweet but very naughty on the inside, she is a playful and lively lady who loves to tease and easily arouses.
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BELLE ( Joined us Wednesday 12.04.17 )
Meet our sweet British belle. From England, with a seductive body and sexy accent, she is a blue eyed brunette who will quickly arouse you. This lady loves to please and her company is addictive.
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FOXY( Back Thursday 04.05.17 onwards )
Previously Known As Willow  – Foxy is a sensual lady who provides a passion filled service. Sexy, charming and intelligent, she is a free spirited temptress who loves being cheeky. You will find it hard to resist her natural charm and beauty.
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ATHENA ( Back Monday 01.05.17 onwards )
Athena is an exotic and stunning Greek enchantress. Buxom with silky long black hair, alluring brown eyes & breathtaking body. A friendly and fun lady who loves to spoil.
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VEGAS ( Back Friday 28.04.17 onwards )
Vegas is our petite and exotic diamond. Bubbly, buxom and wild – our African princess is an instant head turner. She is lots of fun and hard to miss with her super model looks.
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  Vegas’s Profile and Services Page

DAKOTA ( Back Tuesday 25.04.17 onwards )
Dakota is a cheeky and playful redhead lady who glows with sex appeal. A seductive playmate with tempting blue eyes, she is fun to be with, raunchy and hard to resist.
Click here to see  Dakota’s Profile and Services Page

APRIL ( Back Sunday 23.04.17 onwards )
April is a stunning hazel eyed blonde. A sexy and bubbly lady who is instantly eye catching and arousing with tempting feautures, this stunning blonde will make you wild with desire.
Click here to see  Kendall’s Profile and Services Page

ANASTASIA ( Back Friday 14.04.17 onwards )
Anastasia is a playful brunette with a sexy hourglass figure and natural G size bust. A mysterious, seductive and sexually arousing lady, with a very cheeky nature.
Click here to see  Anastasia’s Profile and Services Page

BIANCA ( Back Saturday 01.04.17 onwards )
Bianca is diverse, raunchy and fun to be with. She is tall, slim and with natural beauty. Friendly. alluring and always leaving you with a smile.
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