Cleopatra’s New and Returning Ladies.


DONATELLA ( Joining us Thursday 27.09 )
Blue Eyed British Blonde – More Information Coming Soon.
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RIO ( Joined us Saturday 22.09 )
Rio is our cheerful Brazilian brunette with a smile and sex appeal that will have you lost in lust. An exotic treat with an erotic touch, this lady loves to spice things up quickly and have you coming back for more.
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KIARA ( Joined us Friday 21.09 )
Kiara is our fun loving Persian sex kitten. A provocative and seductive lady with exotic looks and features that will have you wild with desire, and a naughty nature that will have you begging for more.
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SAHARA ( Joined us Friday 21.09 )
Sahara is our exotic Persian seductress. A fun loving lady with curves in all the right places, she has an erotic mind and touch that loves to have its way with you. With alluring looks and her cheeky nature, she is pleasurable and satisying company.
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TIA ( Joined us Tuesday 18.09 )
Tia is our seductive natural fiery redhead. A sultry and captivating lady with a high sex drive, and kinky nature waiting to be explored. She can be submissive or dominant if requested, or simply a sexual experience you will want to experience over and over.
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MARTINA ( Joined us Tuesday 11.09 )
Martina is our absolutely stunning young Colombian brunette with sex appeal that is impossible to resist. With the face of an angel and a body made for pleasure, this lady is a sexual experience that is hard to forget.
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VICTORIA ( Joined us Sunday 10.09 )
Victoria is our captivating Colombian playmate with a body and features made for pure seduction. An attractive and seductive lady with an erotic mind and touch, she is sure to entrance and pamper you.
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SUMMER ( Joined us Thursday 06.09 )
Summer is our stunning, olive skinned playmate. A petite and passionate lady, with irrestistible exotic looks and alluring sex appeal, she has an innocence which gives way to indulgence in pleasure.
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ALEJANDRA ( Joined us Wednesday 05.09 )
Alejandra is our show stopping Colombian playmate. A buxom sex kitten with booty and features that will make you wild with desire, she is sure to provide you with a spicy and memorable encounter.
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LOLITA ( Joined us Wednesday 05.09 )
Lolita is our adorable Colombian brunette with a fun nature and sexual magnetism that will have you weak at the knees. She is a cheeky playmate who loves to please and is sure to provide a memorable experience.
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SOFIA ( Joined us Wednesday 05.09 )
Sofia is our fun loving Colombian playmate with a sensual nature. An engaging lady with an sensual touch that loves to gives pleasure, she is alluring and makes for pleasant company.
Click here to see  Sofia’s Profile and Services Page

JAMILA ( Joined us Friday 31.08 )
Jamila is our gorgeous, tall and exotic beauty. A stunning playmate with breathtaking Middle Eastern / Indian features, this lady will have you lost in lust, and will take you to erotic places you have only dreamed off.
Click here to see  Jamila’s Profile and Services Page

VENUS ( Joined us Monday 27.08 )
Venus is our stunning African princess with model looks and glowing sex appeal. With her petite body and natural F cup breasts, she is an instant head turner with more that a hint of cheekiness in her eyes.
Click here to see  Venus’s Profile and Services Page

DAISY ( Joined us Saturday 25.08 )
Daisy is our naughty and sassy Dominican playmate. A stunning young lady with mesmerising features and a petite body, she is a natural tease with an erotic nature that will delight you in pleasure.
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WILLOW ( Is Back Thursday 04.10 )
Willow is a stunning Australian blonde. A sensual lady who provides a passion filled service. Sexy, charming and intelligent, she is a free spirited temptress with a cheeky nature and natural charm, that you will find hard to resist.
Click here to see  Willow’s Profile and Services Page

SASKIA ( Is Back Tuesday 25.09 )
Saskia is our attractive and exotic young Spanish / Malaysian mix playmate. She has natural sex appeal, and an outgoing, friendly nature that makes her memorable and captivating company.
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NADIA ( Is Back Tuesday 25.09 )
Nadia is our stunning English playmate. Lively and stimulating company, she has an accent that purrs of sexual delights and a naughty nature that is sure to fulfull your erotic fantasies.
Click here to see  Nadia’s Profile and Services Page

SIERRA ( Is Back Monday 24.09 )
Sierra is our alluring blue eyed brunette sex kitten. She is an enticing playmate who offers an exhilarating sexual experience that will have you melt in lust. An erotic delight with a kinky streak, who loves to please and play.
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