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Cleopatra’s New and Returning Ladies.

Cleopatra’s New and Returning Ladies.


JULIA ( Joining us Tuesday 12.11 onwards )
Julia is our passionate Colombian playmate, with a sensual nature that will win you over at first sight. Fun loving and erotically minded, this lady knows how to please behind closed bedroom doors.
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FERNANDA ( Joining us Friday 08.11 onwards )
Fernanda is our stunning Italian / Brazilian brunette with a fun loving nature that lights up a room. Spicy, upbeat and definitely not shy, she is an irresistible sex kitten with magnetic sex appeal made for seduction.
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NINA ( Joining us Wednesday 06.11 onwards )
Nina is our tall, seductive brunette. An exotic French Polynesian playmate, sensual with a tender touch to help you unwind. With a naturally erotic edge, intelligent and down to earth personality, this lady oozes sex appeal and sure to tempt you in more ways than one.
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ALEX ( Joining us Tuesday 05.11 onwards )
Alex is our gorgeous and seductive Colombian sex kitten, with arousing looks and features that will have you instantly mesmerised. Playful, provocative and full of suprises, this spicy young lady is sure to have you lost in her ways and begging for more.
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CHLOE ( Joining us Tuesday 05.11 onwards )
Chloe is our bubbly, fun loving Australian brunette with a lively nature and curves in all the right places. A pleasure loving lady who loves to make your erotic dreams come alive. This lady is sure to liven your day and have you coming back for more.
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SHANIYA ( Joining us Saturday 02.11 onwards )
Shaniya is our down to earth, open minded Caribbean playmate with a passionate nature that is sure to excite and arouse. Approacable and outgoing, this lively and attractive lady is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.
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BIANCA ( Joining us Friday 01.11 onwards )
Bianca is our young and bubbly Spanish brunette with an arousing nature and uplifting personality that is sure to delight. With an erotic mind and playful nature, this lady will captivate and seduce you at first glance.
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SUMMER ( Joining us Friday 01.11 onwards )

Summer is our stunning Australian playmate who takes sweet and sexy to a new level, and is sure to delight you in more ways than one. With an eye catching body and a fun, playful nature, she is a tempting erotic treat who is very hard to resist.
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SAPPHIRE ( Joining us Friday 01.11 onwards )
Sapphire is our gorgeous, young Spanish / British with stunning looks, sex appeal and a cheeky smile that will win you over at first sight. Pretty, with a desirable nature that instantly arouses, this young playmate is a simply too hot to resist.
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DAKOTA ( Joining us Thursday 24.10 onwards )
Dakota is our incredibly stunning Australian blonde, with captivating features and a body made for pure seduction. Adorable, alluring and with unmistakeable sex appeal, this lady will have you lost in lust from the moment you first meet.
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ANTONELLA ( Joining us Wednesday 23.10 onwards )
Antonella is our adorable Colombian sex kitten who will win you over with her instant sex appeal and arousing features. An appealing platmate with a petite slim body and soft erotic touch. This seductive lady is sure to delight and make for memorable company.
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LUPE ( Joining us Wednesday 23.10 onwards )
Lupe is our buxom Colombian with an emjoyable nature and cheeky smile that will instantly put you at ease. Engaging and stimulating company, this lady loves nothing more than to pamper and please.
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HOLLY ( Joining us Tuesday 22.10 onwards )
Holly is our gorgeous Australian blonde with mesmirising sex appeal that simply lights up a room. Simply stunning, sensual and with features made for pure seduction, this sizzling hot playmate will have you lost for words from beginning to end
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SIMONA ( Joining us Monday 21.10 onwards )
Simona is our sensual and passionate Italian / Australian brunette, who is sure to heat things up quickly with a personalised erotic escape, that is yours for the asking. Confident, alluring and accomodating, this lady is sure to have you lost in her ways.
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SHAKIRA ( Joining us Saturday 19.10 onwards )
Shakira is our blonde Colombian temptation with a provocative nature that is sure to arouse. Mysteriously erotic and engaging, this captivating siren will love nothing more than to pleasure you to heaven and back.
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SARAH ( Joining us Saturday 19.10 onwards )
Sarah is our petite and adorable Vietnamese / Australian sex kitten with a soft erotic touch but an open erotic mind. Fun loving and with a cheeky personality, this lady loves to pamper and please and is sure to entertain.
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ISABELLA ( Is Back Sat 09.11 )
Isabella is our young, busty brunette with a passionate and affectionate nature, sure to arouse and delight. Offering an arousing girlfriend experience that will have you lost for days, she is a passionate playmate, with a adventurous nature that is yours for the asking.
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AMANY ( Is Back Wed 13.11 )
Amany is our sizzling hot playmate with super model exotic looks and a personality that lights up a room. Buxom, with a killer body and hot booty that will drive you wild, she is straight from the catwalk, hungry to purr, please and play.
Click to see   Amany’s Profile and Services Page

KARLY ( Is Back Wed 13.11 )
Karly is our exquisite, busty Australian brunette. With an appetising Porn Star body and mesmerising emerald-green eyes, she will captivate and tempt you with the first glance. Her presence is utterly intoxicating, the allure and charm of her smile will have you aching for her and that’s before you’ve even gone into a room. This naughty nymph loves passionate and wild encounters and aims to please, and please she will. Let her be your dirty little secret tonight.
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CATALINA ( Is Back Tue 12.11 )
Catalina is our stunning blonde Colombian playmate. She is captivating at first sight with her hot looks and cheeky, sexually arousing personality. Buxom, with legs that will take you to heaven and back, this lady is an experience you will never forget.
Click to see  Catalina’s Profile and Services Page

IVANA ( Is Back Sun 10.11 )
Ivana is our wild Australian blonde bombshell. This jaw-dropping, gorgeous sex kitten has a wicked smile and even cheekier personality. From her sizzling hot body, long platinum blonde hair, to her piercing blue eyes, she is every man’s dream girl. A total stunner and an absolute firecracker in the bedroom, this insatiable little nympho is sex on legs and is ready to make your fantasies a reality.
Click to see   Ivana’s Profile and Services Page

LEXIE ( Is Back Sat 09.11 )
Lexie is our naughty Spanish / Eurasian playmate who will win you over with her cheeky nature and glowing sex appeal.  A sexy tease from the moment you meet, she is sure to get your attention, and with a passionately erotic nature, will quickly have you weak at the knees.
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