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Cleopatra’s New and Returning Ladies.

Cleopatra’s New and Returning Ladies.


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💎SIENNA ( Joining us 16.11 onwards )💎
Sienna is our gorgeous Italian / Argentinian blonde with a seductive nature and features that will make you melt in lust. Simply stunning and sexually magnetic, this lady is fun to be with and impossible to resist. An absolute dream girl, who makes for a memorable erotic experience that you won’t easily forget.
Click to see  Sienna’s Profile and Services Page

💎ANASTASIA ( Joining us 01.11 onwards )💎
Anastasia is our bootylicious Colombian playmate with olive skin, raven black hair and attractive features that are sure to arouse. With a playful nature and stimulating erotic mind, you can tell from the cheekiness in her eyes, that things are sure to heat up fast behind closed bedroom doors.
Click to see  Anastasia’s Profile and Services Page

💎ANNALISE (Joining us 15.12 Onwards)💎

Annalise is our Australian / South African green eyed beauty. Her mezmorising eyes and stunning smile are sure to send you wild.

Click to see Annalise’s Profile and Services Page

💎ASHLEY (Joining us 16.12 Onwards) 💎

Ashley is a very sensual Australian European, who is free spirited and a lot of fun. Ashley will put you at ease and ensure you have a sensual, relaxing experience. 

Click to see Ashley’s Profile and Services Page

💎DIOR(Joining us 15.12 Onwards) 💎

Dior is our new Australian / Italian blue eyed playmate, with an arousing nature sure to send you wild. A personality made to please, she will leave you completely satisfied.

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💎JOLINA(Joining us 15.12 Onwards)💎 

Jolina is our seductive Russian beauty. New to Cleopatra’s with instant sex appeal turning heads. This sexy playmate is a delight you will never forget.

Click here to see Jolina’s Profile and Services Page

💎SERENA(Joining us 15.12 Onwards)💎 

Serena is our sexy mexican goddess who knows exactly how to seduce you. Her service will have you utterly addicted. The sweetness of her touch will make you come back for more

Click to see Serena’s Profile and Services Page

💎TIFFANY(Joining us 15.12 Onwards) 💎

Tiffany is our gorgeous Australian strawberry blonde with an arousing nature, and features sure to excite. She may appear shy at first sight, but this adorable playmate definitely awakens behind closed bedroom doors, making her an erotic treat sure to delight.

Click to see Tiffany’s Profile and Services Page

💎DANIELLA(Joining us 15.12 Onwards)💎 

Daniella is our feisty Lebanese/Italian girl that will make you excited with pure pleasure ~ With smooth Olive skin, she is an erotically minded and provocative playmate who is seductive at first sight and sure to arouse !

Click here to see Dannila’s Profile and Services Page

💎CAMILLA(Joining us 15.12 Onwards) 💎

Camilla is our seductive Colombian with a great sense of humor. She knows how to please and cater to your fantasies. Very open minded and passionate, Camilla is definitely one to see.

Click here to see Camilla’s Profile and Services Page

💎PAULA(Joining us 15.12 Onwards) 💎

Paula is our Playful Columbian Temptress, Let her delight and excite you in ways you have never experienced before !

Click here to see Paula’s Profile and Services Page

💎NINA(Joining us 15.12 Onwards) 💎

Our Colombian Kitten Nina with her Passion for pleasing you comes with a variety of experience in all sorts of areas, Sure to excite and tantalize your every desire !

Click here to see Nina’s Profile and Services Page

💎ZARA(Joining us 15.12 Onwards) 💎

Zara is our hot Armenian playmate with a supermodel look that you won’t be able to resist. With an adventurous erotic nature, this lady can be either dominant or submissive, depending on your desires, but she is sure to tease and please until you can take no more.

Click here to see Zara’s Profile and Services Page

💎HADIJA( Joining us  15.01 onwards )💎

Hadija is our stunning West African playmate with gorgeous model looks and long legs to take you to heaven and back. With dazzling features and enticing dark brown bedroom eyes, this young lady is smoking hot and simply irresistible.

Click here to see Hadija’s Profile and Services Page

💎JORDYN( Joining us 22.01 onwards )💎

Every moment with our Playful Jordyn with build towards something amazing, towards a climax that will shake you to our core and leave you shivering in delight.

Click here to see Jordyn’s Profile and Services Page

💎KATIYA( Joining us 20.01 onwards )💎

Invite Katiya into your life with her long blonde hair and icy blue bedroom eyes, she will entice you of a world of pleasure with just a glance.
Click Here to see Katiya’s Profile and Services Page


✨STASIA (Returning from 11.01)✨

Our quirky tempting Stasia will please and delight you with her supple DD’s and flirtatious cheeky smile.

Click here to see Stasia’s Profile and Services Page



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