Cleopatra’s Gentleman’s Club has an exclusive and limited V.I.P. Club Card that rewards regular clientele.

Only a STRICTLY LIMITED amount of numbered and discreet cards will be available for purchase.

Membership will entitle members to exclusive MEMBERS ONLY discounts ranging from 10% up to 50% off, which are
exclusive member discounts applying to the following transactions only :

–    V.I.P. priority on all your bookings.
–    Join and receive 10% off your immediate booking. (1)
–    On your birthday, celebrate with us and receive 50% off your booking. ID showing birthdate must be sighted.
This is a saving of up to $205 alone. (2)
–    On your 10th visit, enjoy 50% off your booking. (3)
–    Introduce a new member to the club and receive 10% off your next visit. (4)
–    NEW members only discounts (5)
–    If requested, receive the C.G.C. VIP Newsletter by email to keep you up to date with new ladies that have joined Cleopatra’s and
other news.

Offers, discounts and events will ONLY be available to card holding members who present their discreet card to reception.
If clients wish to leave their card at reception after purchase for privacy reasons, this can be accommodated.

Membership will attract a yearly fee of $50 from the date you join.

TO RESERVE YOUR CARD, use our Contact Us form by clicking  HERE  or call reception on (02) 9609 6668.

(1) 10% off applies to first hour or half hour booking and not to extensions thereafter.
Birthday offer ( 50% off ) can NOT be the first transaction made on the card.
(3) 10 visits must be accrued with 6 months of join date. If more than half of your visits were in deluxe suites, you are entitled to 50% off same on your 10th visit, otherwise you receive 50% off a standard or VIP spa room.
This resets, meaning that your next 10th visit ( being your 20th visit thus far ) also attracts a 50% discount, if each 10th visit is made within 6 months of each other.
(4) Limit of one introduction discount per visit, but multiple introduction discounts earnt at any one time will accumulate and carry forward and be redeemable on future visits at a maximum of 10% discount at any one time.
(5) Each month may have additional exclusive discounts / offers that members will be notified of by email. If you do not wish to provide email address when joining, you can ask reception what each month’s offer ( if applying )  is at time of visit.